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Commercial Tumble Dryers

Choose from a wide range of Miele and Electrolux commercial tumble dryers. With both large and small capacity appliances in our range, you can be confident that we have the right tumble dryer for you.

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If you’re looking for a commercial tumble dryer, you’re in the right place. We currently stock nearly 30 different machines (click the button above to see our full range), with our current 5 top selling machines being:

  1. Miele PDR 507 (7kg capacity)
  2. Miele PT 7186 XL (9kg capacity)
  3. Miele PT 8303 (12-15kg capacity) – TD6-14
  4. Miele PDR 544 (32-44kg capacity)
  5. Miele PDR 922 (22kg capacity)

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As well as supplying high quality commercial appliances with state of the art technology and a robust build quality, we also offer:

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