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Schools, colleges and universities have unique laundry and dishwashing needs including ease of use, durability and efficiency.

Laundry equipment for schools or dishwashers for school kitchens must be user friendly and cost effective to cope with the high through put and multiple users. Whether you require a dishwasher for your staff room, a fast pass through or tank dishwasher for your main kitchen, the education specific Miele G7804 lab washer for your science laboratory, full laundry facilities for boarders or a towel laundry for your hair and beauty department, we are able to draw on our 24 years of laundry & dishwasher appliance experience to help you specify the correct equipment for your needs.

Laundry equipment for universities and student accommodation requires even more durability. Think of how many students run their laundry through student housing washing machines. Each building is home to maybe four machines dealing with hundreds of student washing loads. Many schools and universities still use standard washing machines which lack the durability of commercial machines and are more likely to break down and need early replacement. Heavy duty laundry equipment for schools saves you time and money while ensuring your investment in higher quality machines means greater durability, a better wash result and quicker cleaning and dry times. Commercial machines can also be more eco-friendly by working to get through loads faster and more efficiently, saving on water and power usage, which also saves you money.

Cost Savings from Industrial Washing Machines

We are able to offer a range of education sector laundry equipment options from 5.5kg right up to 110kg capacity washing machines with matching tumble dryers. As a professional partner with both Miele and Electrolux, not only are we able to supply you with machines of exceptional build quality but also market leading appliances in terms of running costs due to the lowest power and water usage; this combined with the highest spin speeds, means shorter drying times and subsequent gas and electricity cost savings. We are also able to offer industrial ironers, which will vastly reduce your processing times and in the case of dryer ironers matched to high spin industrial washing machines will negate the need to tumble dry items such as bed linen.

Whether you’re a university, school or boarding school, we know that cost-effective, high quality washing machines and dishwashers are a high priority. Investing in heavy duty commercial laundry equipment will save you time and money and ultimately provide you with a better service.

If you’re interested in assessing your options with no obligation, or simply hearing more about the machines and services we have on offer, please contact our sales team who will recommend the best possible solution, on 01243 555525.