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Good hygiene is essential for the wellbeing of horses that live in equestrian establishments; therefore, an equestrian washing machine must be used to aid in the correct, thorough cleaning of all textiles that come into contact with the animals.

Not only does accumulated dirt reduce the effectiveness of blankets, sweat rugs, saddle covers etc, it can also lead to unpleasant fungal skin conditions. An immaculate horse blanket is a sign of a well-kept horse, which is particularly important in equestrian competitions where great emphasis is placed on the visual appearance of the horse and rider. Washing blankets in a simple domestic machine will not achieve the desired result; it is a specialist job that requires the right level of technology and wash programmes. An onsite commercial laundry within the equestrian centre has many advantages. Laundry can be done as part of the daily routine keeping equine odours in the stable.

Miele offers washer-extractors with capacities of 8 to 32 kg with special wash programmes for horse blankets and accessories: the perfect solution for equestrian establishments. Our specifically tailored equestrian washing machine includes four special programmes for washing and proofing horse blankets: a 30°C and a 60°C programme, a delicates programme and a programme with a proofing phase included for optimum waterproofing. The machines can also handle halters, girths, bandages, saddlecloths and similar textile items which are not always accepted by commercial laundries.

In addition, loading and operating the machines is simplicity itself. Just load the items via the generous door opening, select a programme and start the machine. If the items to be washed are likely to give off a very large amount of fluff and hair, it is advisable to order one of our machines that feature a special drum designed to allow the suds to move freely around the heating element, preventing horse hairs and dirt from becoming trapped in the machine. An additional fluff filter system between the machine and the drainage connection protects the domestic water supply against blockages.

A commercial equestrian washing machine means laundry can be clean and ready for use again in less than an hour. With high spin speeds and correspondingly low residual moisture levels, subsequent drying times are much reduced. Twelve drying programmes are available to dry the equipment gently. Thanks to the new air and temperature controls with integrated air recycling system, drying is simple, economical and fast, not to mention environmentally friendly.

An entry level laundry solution for equestrian centres would be the PW6107 washer extractor and PT8253 tumble dryer which can process one winter blanket, two summer blankets, or seven saddle cloths per load. A range of practical accessories is also available such as dispenser pumps, plinths and protective sleeves to cover buckles. Coin boxes for self service operation also can make this a particularly economical option for stables.