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Durable, high quality industrial veterinary laundry equipment is essential to veterinary practice and animal welfare. The main cleaning problems faced by veterinary practices are: the volume of pet hair that vet laundry machines need to cope with, the bulky nature of items such as a ‘Pet Bed’ and the need to thoroughly clean and disinfect scrubs and other theatre generated laundry. Animal care laundry equipment must be suitable for the needs of a veterinary practice, kennel, or zoo.

Cost Savings with Industrial Washing Machines

Standard washing machines often do not have what it takes to cope with the demands of veterinary practices. Not only will the introduction of commercial laundry equipment for vets solve these problems, it also means that the practice conforms to WRAS water authority approval which can easily save money on water and power due to the increased efficiency of professional products.

Choosing Laundry Equipment for Animal Care

When choosing laundry equipment for kennels, vets, or zoos it is important to keep in mind the necessary maintenance requirements of numnahs, blankets, veterinary bedding and rugs, all of which is very important to ensure the welfare of animals. Exertion and illness can leave residues on textiles, which clogs pores, impairs fabric breathability and can also result in bacterial growth or fungal skin complaints. Regular cleaning and care can keep your equipment in good condition as well as providing an additional level of hygiene.

Depending on the size of your practice, we are able to specify the correct machines and consider at the very least the following items when doing so:

  • Throughput
  • Available services
  • Available space
  • Access
  • Potential growth
  • Infection control

All of the machines that we recommend and supply are designed for the high demands of commercial use, and are chosen from the industry leading ranges from Miele Professional and Electrolux.

Washing machines from 5.5kg up to 32kg capacity are available and can be programmed to carry out both sluice and thermal disinfection washes. Professional washing machines are also fully programmable to provide wash results to your specific requirements.

Tumble dryers are available in electric, gas and LPG versions and with the addition of the new heat pump technology; there isn’t a situation that dryers cannot accommodate. Designed for maximum efficiency not only will modern commercial dryers dry faster but more economically as well.

Dishwashing – Whilst dishwashing is not a major concern for veterinary practices it is important that any equipment located in a veterinary practice that is connected to mains water conforms to WRAS water authority requirements. Miele offer a unique range of WRAS approved freshwater dishwashers including the PG8080 semi-commercial dishwasher which is specifically designed for staff kitchen facilities.

We understand that effective cleaning and disinfecting is pivotal to ensuring optimal animal care, and that your business requires dependability and economically sound choices as well. We are happy to discuss further how our industrial washing machines for veterinarys, kennels and zoos can improve your animal care and cost savings.

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