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Many of our customers choose to lease or rent their commercial laundry and dishwashing equipment.

They choose to rent for a number of reasons:

  • Easy budgeting and cash flow
  • Flexibility for upgrades
  • Inclusive planned preventative maintenance visits
  • Priority response to call outs
  • Easy access to the best quality commercial laundry equipment rental

Commercial washing machine rental

Commercial washing machine rental makes sense for many businesses.

Restaurants, for example, have high turnover of dishes and linens such as tablecloths. Due to the high pressure placed on laundry and dishwasher equipment in this industry, many restaurants choose commercial dishwasher rental or washing machine rental to ensure reliability, faster maintenance calls and easy upgrades.

Renting commercial appliances is also beneficial for other industries with a high laundry output, including hotels and B&Bs.

Our commercial washing machine rental terms

Our rent and lease terms for washing machine rental are typically five years. You aren’t committed to lengthy periods and always have the option to upgrade or change your machines sooner.

And to give you complete peace of mind, we always provide the most up to date and cost-efficient washing machines and dishwashers available.

Our rental prices are also highly competitive, as many rental companies supply older and less efficient machines, which will subsequently increase your overall utility costs.

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