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One of the many overheads faced by hotels and guest houses is the cost of processing laundry, with many businesses out sourcing this at considerable cost: on-premise hotel laundry equipment can reduce that overhead, saving you thousands each month.

With commercial laundry equipment ranging from 5.5kg up to 110kg capacity, our experienced sales team are able to specify guest house laundry equipment for a full on-premise hotel laundry, which includes: duvets, sheets and pillowcases, a simple towel and robe laundering facility, guest laundry, or even a facility for laundering chef whites, tea towels etc.

As a professional partner with both Miele and Electrolux, not only are we able to supply you with hotel and laundry equipment of exceptional build quality but we also supply the market leading products in terms of running costs. Our recommended products feature the lowest power and water usage combined with the highest spin speeds, meaning shorter drying times and subsequent savings to gas and electricity costs. Space saving solutions are also available, with our 6.5kg and 8kg stacked laundry machines which also have all of the associated utility saving features.

We are also able to offer industrial ironers, which will vastly reduce your processing times. Our dryer ironers matched with our high spin washing machines, will even negate the need to tumble dry items such as bed linen.

Output example

A hotel with 55 beds where the linen is changed three times a week produces approximately 550 kg of laundry, which means carrying out 35 cycles of 15.7 kg every week (or five cycles a day), Miele has the universal solution with the 16 kg capacity PW 6161 washer-extractor and PT 7401 tumble dryer.

The amount of laundry to be ironed will be approximately 330 kg per week. The HM 38-205 rotary ironer can process this amount in just 10 hours*. Larger amounts of ironing can be handled by one of the larger models such as the HM 50-205, which will reduce the throughput time considerably. For example, this model requires no pre-drying as the heat output is suitable for residual moisture levels of around 50%. This, combined with the 50 cm diameter roller, means that very large amounts of ironing can be processed while maintaining low energy consumption levels.

Dishwashing is our other area of expertise and being Miele Professionals’ number one supplier we have access to their unique range of commercial freshwater dishwashers and their super-fast pass through and tank style machines. With the addition of bespoke stainless steel tabling, we are able to come up with the perfect dishwashing solution for any kitchen.

Our hotel laundry management systems can help you to better understand your input and output in an effort to find the most suitable machines for your needs while saving you money.

To find the very best solution to meet your needs, you need a supplier that does more than simply supply machines. For sales, rental, service and support, call us today on 01243 555525.