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Offshore & Marine Laundry

For many years, Miele have designed and manufactured a wide range of offshore and marine laundry equipment for commercial laundry and dishwashing, specifically created for this diverse and challenging marketplace.

There are few cleaning applications more demanding than those experienced on a drilling rig. Laundry equipment for oil rigs needs to be able to cope with various high levels of contamination and soiling, which regularly occur in this industry. Standard domestic machines just won’t do.

Work wear in the marine and offshore industry can often be contaminated with mud, oil, sand and silt; therefore washing machines must have a wash action that is tough enough to remove this type of advanced soiling. It is also essential that these marine appliances are durable enough to work around the clock to keep up with demand in support of a multi-shift operation.

When it comes to choosing laundry equipment for boats and yachts, we have the answer with unmatched efficiency and wash quality from the smaller end passenger yachts or ships to cruise lines hosting many passengers who require personal laundry facilities, in addition to on ship laundry. Laundry equipment for cruise liners is different from oil rigs, but the potential problems for offshore laundries remain universal. From Super Yachts through to Cruise Liners there is always a solution to the many possible problems.

Offshore and Marine Laundry Equipment Problems (which we have overcome):
Problem Solution
Minimal Space Stacked washers and dryers halving the conventional footprint
No external venting Self draining condenser Tumble dryers
Unusual Voltages and frequencies Most models are available in
3 AC 440V 60Hz
3 AC 230V 60Hz
3 AC 400V 50Hz
as well as the standard ‘land’ based versions
Air movement in the laundry Some dryers can be ‘room sealed’ which will not effect the existing air handling system

Technical data for offshore laundry solutions is available in soft and hard copy and can provide specific information for ship board installations including ‘wild heat’ and dynamic floor loading.

In addition, we are able to offer a range of marine specification freshwater dishwashers.

We can also advise on and supply, a compliment of ‘essential’ spare parts which can be carried on board to minimise down time whilst at sea. Additionally, Miele are a single brand manufacturer with company offices in 37 countries around the world; therefore, OEM spare parts are readily available worldwide.

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