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One of the many overheads faced by the health and leisure industry is processing laundry, with many businesses out sourcing laundry services at considerable cost; on-premise commercial laundry equipment for sports and health clubs can save you thousands each month.

With towels and robes being used daily in substantial quantities, many health clubs, spas and gyms are installing their own towel laundries. As towels and robes are very easy items to process (simply wash, dry and fold) this is an often overlooked way to save money. Allsop & Francis have on offer many choices of gym and spa laundry equipment which are suited specifically to the leisure industry, helping you to save on time and unnecessary overhead costs.

As an example, a health spa sending 200 towels and 50 robes out per day could save up to £2,400 per month (£28,800 per year) by using an on-premise laundry. These savings are based on a sending out price of 28p per towel and 95p per robe, compared with 6.5p per towel and 26p per robe using an on-premise laundry.

Heavy duty commercial laundry equipment for sports and health spas are built to cope with the rigours of laundering heavy items and are designed to work day in, day out without the structural problems that are encountered with many domestic machines.

In addition, space need never be an issue as we are able to offer laundry machines from widths of just 600mm, stackable machines and a new range of large capacity Miele tumble dryers that are able to fit through most doorways.


As a Miele Professional partner we are also able to offer their range of commercial dishwashers, assuring you of the very best solution for your needs.

To find the very best solution to meet your requirements, you need a supplier that does more than simply supply machines. For sales, rental, service and support, call us today on 01243 555525.