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Churches & Village Halls

Churches & Village Halls

Churches, synagogues, and village halls regularly host events such as weddings and parties. These events can create a high volume of laundry and dishes.

Laundry equipment for Churches must therefore have a quick and effective wash cycle in order to cope with the many loads of laundry and dishwashing that need to be done post event. It’s also very important that washing machines and dishwashers for churches & village halls are able to run at low cost.

Cost effective, easy to operate church laundry equipment is essential to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently. Church & village halls regularly require straight forward, easy-to-use washing machines and dishwashers that will complete a wash cycle quickly. Unfortunately, a common problem associated with Church & Village halls, Synagogues and Mosques is that of available power and water, which can restrict washing efficiency. Industrial dishwashers for Synagogues and churches must be reliable and efficient. Equally, Mosque washing machines must be dependable and cost effective for the community.

Miele has a range of products designed with the circumstances and requirements of churches, synagogues, mosques, and other associated venues in mind; these Miele products have been created to save costs and increase washing efficiency. Miele Professional produces a range of freshwater commercial dishwashers for village halls that are both easy to operate and can be connected to a cold water supply. Dishwashers such as the Miele G7855 are perfect for this scenario. Not only do they have a faster cycle than domestic machines with an ease and familiarity that will suit a multiple user environment in your hall or synagogue, they also come with a full commercial use warranty. Specifically designed village hall commercial appliances make your local hospitality services and events less stressful, easier to run and clean up after. Miele’s products are ideal to save you time and money so you can spend your time focusing more on people than laundry.

If your Church or Village hall kitchen is regularly catering for larger groups, we are able to supply super-fast commercial tank style and pass through dishwashers that can bring wash times down to as little as 3 minutes.

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