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Facilities Management & Contract Cleaning

Facilities Management & Contract Cleaning

Just two of the many overheads faced by laundry facilities management & contract cleaning companies are: outsourcing the laundering of staff work wear and the expensive replacement of cotton and microfibre mops and microfibre cloths.

By introducing an on premises laundry facility you will not only benefit from the convenience and speed of processing, but save money in the process.

Commercial laundry facility management will greatly benefit from the Miele Professional line of washing machines and dryers. Miele has on offer the PW5064 contract cleaning washing machine which has been designed to process microfibre cloths and mops. With its unique honeycomb drum and dedicated wash programmes it will prolong the life of these expensive to buy items.

In addition, the Miele honeycomb drum is designed with larger perforations in the back to extract any particles and deposits from inside. It also features a newly designed drain valve to prevent clogging.

With a special dispenser module, up to 6 detergents and disinfectants can be connected and controlled to ensure the correct amount of liquid is introduced each time, resulting in further savings on cleaning chemical purchases.

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