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Industrial & Pharmaceutical

Industrial & Pharmaceutical

There are many cases when industrial & pharmaceutical companies have a requirement for commercial laundry equipment.

Whether you require appliances to wash work wear to a high clinical standard or to wash re-usable expensive consumable items such as filters, our industrial & pharmaceutical laundry equipment is more than capable of achieving the required results.

Having already supplied solutions to companies including Glaxosmithkline, Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd and Pfizer Limited, we have the expertise to advise on, specify, supply, and install the perfect industrial or commercial pharmaceutical laundry equipment for your needs.

Miele PROFITRONIC machines such as the PW6243 Barrier Washer and the PW6167 are the ideal choice for pharmaceutical commercial laundry equipment offering an effective, inexpensive, technologically advanced, and easy-to-install solution for processing protective clothing, filters etc. on-site. These washing machines are easy and safe to use, with programmes designed to suit all types of fabric. Even the cleaning agents are dispensed automatically. The thorough, gentle programmes in conjunction with the patented MIELE HONEYCOMB DRUM ensure that expensive work wear and filters are treated particularly gently to preserve quality.

To find the very best solution to meet your requirements, you need a supplier that does more than simply supply machines. For sales, rental, service and support, call us today on 01243 555525.