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Equipment breakdowns are not just expensive – they’re a major inconvenience to the operation of your laundry or kitchen facilities.

To reduce the likelihood of breakdowns, we recommend booking a regular planned preventative maintenance visit.

For a simple fixed fee, we’ll check over the operation and consumable items, and clean your machines, helping you to keep top of your business.

Our maintenance checklists include:

  • Machine level
  • All hose and seals (damaged, perished, distorted, torn)
  • Drain and inlet filters
  • Heater elements
  • Shock absorbers, springs and supports, casing (damaged, split, broken welds)
  • Test run (filling ok? Draining ok?)
  • Electrical Safety Check to current regulations including visual / physical check of supply cable, plug / isolator. Socket test, earth continuity, insulation resistance
  • Advise if exhaust ducts require cleaning
  • All vents, filters, vent hose, internal ducts and terminations
  • Drum for scale / detergent deposits
  • Test run (fan ok? Drive motor ok? Heating ok? Drum noisy?)
  • Any damage (facia, trims, panels, covers)
  • Any missing screws (lid, front panel)
  • Any plinth (secured, loose, damaged)
  • Gas Safety Check to current Corgi standards including gas soundness, working and standing pressures, ventilation and make up air
  • Seals, bearings, rollers, belt
  • Heater bank and contactors
  • Contact brushes

If you wish, you can include planned preventative maintenance in our service contracts for an all-in-one solution to managing the maintenance of your laundry or dishwashing equipment.

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