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Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Allsop & Francis’ emergency services laundry equipment put your very important protective clothing in safe hands, offering effective, inexpensive, technically advanced solutions for processing protective clothing on-site.

Simply drying protective clothing and occasionally washing it in a domestic washing machine is not adequate from either a hygienic or an economical point of view. Using an off-site professional laundry is also uneconomical, as long distances and turnaround times would make it necessary to double up on uniforms.

Emergency Services Laundry

Protective clothing used by the emergency services is constantly placed under high demands and requires special treatment in the laundry. Most of the thermal, multi-layered fabrics used in these garments have a waterproof layer of Gore-tex®, Sympatex® or other similar material. In addition, reflective stripes are often attached to the outside of the garments to maximise visibility. Uniforms usually emerge from an incident heavily soiled and require thorough, careful cleaning and immediate reproofing, depending on the fabric, to retain their safety and protective qualities. Miele PROFITRONIC machines feature special Gore-tex laundry programmes that enable your important clothing to be cleaned and dried effectively without reducing its protective competence on the job.

Fire Retardant Clothing Laundry

When it comes to fireproof clothing, proper care is exceedingly important for your protection and safety. Our fire retardant laundry equipment ensures that your important protective gear is washed and cared for properly to keep you as safe as possible on the job.

Miele Protective Clothing Laundry Solutions

Miele PROFITRONIC machines are an easy-to-install solution for processing protective clothing on-site. They are easy and safe to use, with programmes designed to suit all types of fabric. Even the cleaning agents are dispensed automatically. Protective clothing is ready to use again in approximately 2½ hours, having been washed, re-proofed and dried. The thorough, gentle programmes in conjunction with the patented MIELE HONEYCOMB DRUM ensure that these expensive, very important uniforms are treated particularly gently to preserve quality over time.

Breathing masks can also be processed in Miele machines. In conjunction with mask and detergent manufacturers, Miele has developed special washing and disinfection processes. An obvious advantage of this is that masks do not have to be dismantled for cleaning. They are simply put inside a special wash bag to protect the visor, and then placed in a holder to keep them secure during the gentle drying process.

To find the very best solution to meet your needs for emergency services laundry equipment, you need a supplier that does more than simply supply machines. For sales, rental, service and support, call us today on 01243 555525.