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We have over 24 years experience in supplying laundry equipment and dishwashers to charities and charitable organisations. We understand the restrictions brought about by funding and endeavour to recommended not only the most cost effective solutions but also the very best available thereby saving on future running costs.

Our professional team will take into account the capacity required, available space, services and also future requirements which will again save more expense should capacities increase.

With such a diverse requirement from the different types of charities, we are very keen and happy to take on the challenge of tailoring a package that best suits.

All of the machines that we recommend and supply are designed for the high demands of commercial use, whilst being the most efficient available to reduce your running costs.

Washing machines from 5.5kg up to 32kg capacity are available and can be programmed to carry out both sluice and thermal disinfection washes to the HSG(95) 18 standard, they are also WRAS approved to conform to water authority regulations.

Tumble dryers are available in electric, gas and LPG versions and with the addition of the new heat pump technology; there isn’t a situation that dryers can’t accommodate. Designed for maximum efficiency not only will modern commercial dryers dry faster but more economically as well.

Dishwashing Miele Professional’s unique range of fresh water dishwashers are the ideal solution for care and nursing homes, where speed linked with thermal disinfection are of paramount importance. The Miele G7859 Thermal Disinfection dishwasher has become the NHS standard and will hold temperatures of up to 93°C for as long as 10 minutes. The Department of Health’s recommendation is 82°C for 2 minutes for effective bug kill.

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