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Infection control and sanitation is a primary concern for both public and private hospitals. Washing machines and dishwashers used within the medical industry must be highly effective in killing superbugs and infections to prevent unnecessary spreading of illness and disease.

Hospital laundry equipment applications vary from on-premises patient laundry facilities to ward use. With the essential need of thermal disinfection and sanitisation, we can advise on the most appropriate machines for your requirements. Options can vary from compact sluice machines with WRAS approval to large-capacity barrier machines for the ultimate in infection control.

The professional range of multi-programmable washing machines offer a number of features that make them ideal for use in the medical industry: To follow the recommendation of the NHS Executive Health Service Guideline HSG(95)18, all models fitted with dump valve drain systems are also equipped with efficient thermal disinfection wash programmes and sluice options. Our choice of laundry equipment for the NHS and private hospitals is guaranteed to meet the guidelines.

Because the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations of 1999 classify hospitals and nursing homes as high risk applications (Category 5), these models are also tested and approved by the WRAS scheme as able to be connected to mains water in any applications.

Public and Private hospital laundry equipment must reach consistently high standards of disinfection and sanitation in order to minimise the risk of cross-infection when processing contaminated hospital laundry. We are able to specify freely programmable controls on the 10 – 110Kg size range of washing machines in addition to the standard programmes for various fibres and garment properties. Miele application engineers have also developed future-proof flexible programme options to meet UK directives and guidelines for health care industries and to ensure longevity for your hospital laundry equipment.

Washing machines from 6.5kg up to 110kg capacity are available and can be programmed to carry out both sluice and thermal disinfection washes. Clean side dirty side barrier washing machines provide the ultimate on infection control within your laundry. Professional machines are also fully programmable to provide wash results to your specific requirements. Our choice of laundry equipment for hospitals and clinics is specifically tailored to the needs of the sector.

Tumble dryers are available in electric, gas and LPG versions. With the addition of the new heat pump technology; there isn’t a situation that dryers cannot accommodate. Designed for maximum efficiency, modern commercial dryers will not only dry faster, but more economically as well.

Dishwashing is best suited to the Miele G7859 thermal disinfecting dishwasher, which meets the guidelines recommended by the NHS and also meets the requirements of HTM 2030. This unique freshwater dishwasher comes pre-programmed to exceed the Department of Health’s recommended 82°C held for 2 minutes and can be set to maintain temperatures of up to 93°C for as long as 10 minutes.

We understands the healthcare industry and is dedicated to providing only the best and most suitable hospital laundry equipment for your specific needs.

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