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Housing Associations

Housing Associations

Housing associations and communal homes require washing machines, tumble dryers, and dishwashers that are able to withstand high throughput and multiple users while delivering an effective wash and durable, long lasting performance.

Due to the various types of homes in this sector, the requirements for sheltered and housing association laundry equipment can vary greatly.

Individual housing laundry requirements can be extremely diverse necessitating a very efficient, flexible, in-house launderette. A multi-bedded home generates a corresponding high amount of bed linen, bath towels and personal laundry. An efficient housing association laundry facility must be able to deal with a high volume of duvets and pillows economically, as well as offering a professional service for residents’ personal clothing. The challenge is to provide comprehensive laundry care to keep residents satisfied.

MIELE LITTLE GIANTS (PW 6065 PLUS washer-extractor and PT 7136 PLUS dryer) installed in a stack are perfect for laundries where residents do their own personal washing. These can take a maximum dry load of 6.5 kg, and the single dial for selecting programmes, including a woollens programme for hand-washable laundry, is very easy to use. These machines benefit too from the unique MIELE HONEYCOMB DRUM, guaranteeing optimum laundry care.

The Best Industrial Laundry Equipment for Shared Housing

Washing Machines: Available from 6.5kg up to 110kg capacity, these can be easily programmed to carry out both sluice and thermal disinfection washes. Allsop & Francis’ commercial laundry equipment for communal housing is also fully programmable to provide wash results to your specific requirements.

Tumble Dryers: We can supply housing associations with electric, gas and LPG versions and with the addition of the new heat pump technology; there isn’t a situation these dryers cannot accommodate. Designed for maximum efficiency, modern commercial dryers will not only dry faster, but more economically as well.

Dishwashing: The Miele G7859 thermal disinfecting dishwasher meets the guidelines recommended by the NHS and also meets the requirements of HTM 2030. This unique freshwater dishwasher comes pre-programmed to exceed the department of health’s recommended 82°C held for 2 minutes and can be set to maintain temperatures of up to 93°C for as long as 10 minutes.

Our choice of shared housing heavy duty laundry equipment allows for greater durability, higher performance and efficiency, while saving you money and stress.

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