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Food Industry

Food Industry

Kitchens are busy places, especially in the food industry. In order to be successful, cafés, restaurants, and pubs must ensure your business maintains its professional, spotless appearance.

Cost-effective and reliable dishwashers and washing machines are pivotal to the smooth running of your business. Allsop & Francis supply commercial dishwashers for restaurants that are guaranteed to suit your needs whether you are a small café, a busy restaurant or a bustling pub. Restaurants and pubs within the food industry require a high turnover for dishes, as well as linens. We understand that effective cleaning at an affordable price is a high priority. Processing your own laundry and dishes is a great way to save costs and ensure quality.

It is essential that your busy kitchen is equipped with a fast, efficient and reliable heavy duty dishwasher. We have a few great choices for your kitchen: from the semi-commercial Miele PG8080 dishwasher or the unique super-fast freshwater Miele G7856 to tank dishwashers such as the Miele G8066 or the Miele G8072 both of which are capable of 3 minute wash times.

Another area in which we are very experienced is the cost-effective processing of dirty linen for restaurants, cafés, and pubs. With a range of commercial washing machinestumble dryers and ironers we are able to set you up with an in house laundry facility for washing items such as tea towels, table cloths, napkins and chefs whites.

At a Pub, your highest priority is effective glass cleaning and glass protection to reduce cracks and breakage. We know you want to ensure availability of pint glasses so you can quickly pour that coveted pint. Commercial glass washers for pubs have special settings to ensure glassware is protected and cleaned at the ideal temperature, and as quickly as possible.

With varying sizes of laundry and dishwashing machines available we can specify and recommend a solution that will meet your needs.

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