New Miele Benchmark machines – setting unprecedented standards

In the commercial appliance sector, as in all industries, there are some companies which are followers and others which lead from the front. Miele have been at the cutting edge of manufacturing for many decades now, and here at Allsop & Francis we are understandably proud of our strong professional relationship.

The recent release of an exciting range of innovative washing machines has created a great deal of buzz in the industry, and we are delighted to be able to offer these incredible appliances to our customers. These are no mere upgrades; they represent technological advances which offer unprecedented levels of energy efficiency, performance, speed and reliability.

The Performance range includes two exceptional machines, the PW 413 and the PW 418. They feature a patented honeycomb drum which allows for safe, effective cleaning of even the most delicate garments, while the Profitronic D controls enable users to choose from a wide range of wash cycles. The six most popular options can be selected with a single touch of a button. The PW 418, the larger of the two, has a capacity of 18-20kg.

Miele Benchmark machines are perfect for all laundry rooms

The Performance Plus range includes the highly impressive PW 811, a Miele Benchmark machine featuring a 110-litre drum and which is ideal for laundry rooms that need to be operated throughout the day. As versatile as it is reliable, it has freely programmable controls which can offer up to 199 different programme slots. And, crucially, the build quality is everything you’d expect from a Miele product.

Many of our customers have been using Miele appliances for a number of years, and one of the reasons for such loyalty is the reliability of the machines and the quality of the finished results. The Performance Plus range has taken these factors on to a whole new level, thanks in part to the intense endurance tests which the machines have to go through. As a result of this, Miele Benchmark machines have been tested to last at least 30,000 hours.

The PW 814 has a load capacity of 14-16kg, making it the ideal choice for mid-sized laundry rooms. It’s small enough to help you avoid space issues, yet large enough to cope with high throughput demands. As with all Miele Benchmark appliances, the PW 814 maximises energy, water and detergent usage to bring an economically and environmentally efficient process.

For larger load capacities, the excellent PW 818 is the ideal choice. With a sizable 180-litre capacity, it’s capable of performing to the highest standards in the most demanding circumstances. The Profitronic M controls enable users to choose from a huge selection of programme options with a minimum of fuss. Yet another example of how user-friendly the Miele Benchmark appliances are.

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