Big brands get behind wet cleaning

Big brands such as Hugo Boss are supporting the revolutionary move from dry to wet cleaning by replacing the ‘D’ (dry clean) with a ‘W’ (wet clean) on their care labels. And the fashion and retail giant is also setting up a database of cleaners who offer wet cleaning services.

What is wet cleaning?

Wet cleaning is an innovative, professional, modern and environmentally-friendly alternative to dry cleaning that is kinder to delicate fabrics.

It enables professional cleaners to safely handle ‘Dry Clean Only’ items using their Miele or Electrolux machines. By using water as the cleaning solvent and a special bio-degradable detergent, your clothes will stay softer for longer and will be much better for your skin, as well as for the environment.

It was designed with one defining goal in mind, to create a process for cleaning that could safely and successfully clean and protect all garments and fibres.

Wet cleaning = safe cleaning

By controlling the amount of detergent used, drum rotation rhythms and temperature to a high degree of accuracy, your clothes are safely cleaned, without any chemical smells. Using a special cycle, the majority of water is removed and clothes are protected from over-drying as well as from colour fading.

Detergents that are eco-friendly

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), wet cleaning is the safest professional method of garment cleaning. It does away with the use of harsh chemicals, which is good news for both workers and customers.

Benefits of moving to wet cleaning

Using wet cleaning technology is the most effective way to remove water-based stains and odours, leaving clothes clean and smelling gorgeous! It can clean leather, suede, sheepskin and other delicate products.

Garments last longer and look better for longer – increasing the longevity of Hugo Boss products and improving customer satisfaction. This, in turn aids brand loyalty and customer retention.

There are also financial benefits for dry cleaners to switch to wet cleaning such as lowered costs for start-up supplies and equipment and savings made from not disposing of hazardous waste.

And the reduced environmental impact contributes to supporting your eco-friendly policy, so its good news all round.

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