6 Maintenance tips for commercial laundry machines

Whether you’ve bought or are leasing your commercial laundry machine, you need to be aware of the importance of keeping the appliance working to its fullest potential. If you are running a hotel, guesthouse, health club, restaurant and one of many other businesses, you need your laundry process to be working all the time. Any downtime can lead to a number of difficult problems. Here are a few maintenance tips for commercial laundry to keep your machine in constant operation.

  1. Keep your water filters in tip-top condition

    Good quality water is the life-blood of your laundry operation, so it’s important to ensure your water filter screens are regularly cleaned or, if necessary, replaced. You also need to keep in mind the running costs, because the more efficient your commercial laundry machine is, the more cost-effective your operation is likely to be.

  2. Keep the inside of the drum clean at all times

    The inside of your machine’s drum is the only part of the machine that comes into contact with garments. So it needs to be kept in the best possible condition. Scale and detergent deposits can build up on the drum, so a regular cleaning regime is a must. Clean, efficient operations will help you to achieve the best results through every working week.

  1. Check the door gasket on a regular basis

    The build-up of dirt and grime can be extremely damaging to any commercial laundry machine, and around the door gasket is a notorious area for this. A regular check will reveal any problems before they become major issues, and before such build-ups can reduce washing efficiency and, in the process, can start to cost you money.

  1. Give your exhaust ducts every chance to breathe

    Overheating can cause a great deal of damage to an appliance, and this will become a costly reality if you don’t keep the exhaust ducts clean and free from lint. In a commercial laundry machine, they can act as the lungs of the appliance, so regular checks need to become an intrinsic part of the maintenance regime.

  1. Always clean the soap dispensers

    In the same way that a domestic appliance needs to be kept free of both liquid and powder build-ups, your commercial laundry machine will be more efficient if soap dispensers are checked and cleaned on a regular basis. If you’re not sure about the best way to keep these areas clean, all you have to do is ask the experts.

  1. Better still, sign up to regular maintenance checks

    In addition to the above five steps you can take out a planned maintenance contract with Allsop & Francis and our experts can take it from there. For a simple, convenient and affordable fixed fee, we can inspect and maintain your commercial laundry machine for you. You can then relax with the peace of mind that comes from knowing these and many other functions are being taken care of by the people that really are in the know.