Miele Little Giants


Timeline of Miele Little Giant since its introduction in 1977


New Professional ‘Little Giant’ series – characterised by load sizes of 5 and 6 kg, a particularly robust build and short programme running times. Miele’s ‘Little Giants’ are specifically designed for continuous operation in a small-business environment


The WS 5405 and WS 5406 represented the next generation of ‘Little Giants’. A maintenance-free dump valve and the Economical Cleaning System with a drain pump and a labyrinth filter preventing drain pump clogging were key features. Thanks to the Economical Cleaning System, the machine saves 20% detergent.


The 3rd generation of ‘Little Giant’ is launched bearing the model numbers WS5425, WS5426 and WS5427. Building on the success of the previous incarnation and with its sluice and thermal disinfection capabilities it became the essential washing machine choice for any health care environment.


The current version of the ‘Little Giant’ has taken efficiency and wash quality to an even greater level; staying with the 5.5 – 6.5kg load capacity and a 600mm width there isn’t a laundry too small to accommodate it. New user programmable ‘Profitronic’ controls mean this ‘Little Giant’ can be tailored for many different environment’s and with 4 user definable preset buttons is the easiest washing machine to use ever.

Current model range is PW6055, PW6065, PW5062 and the contract cleaning specific PW5064 which is designed specifically for washing mop heads and cleaning cloths. Matching tumble dryers, the PT7136 Vented, PT7135C Condenser and the new PT5137WP Heat Pump complement the range of washers perfectly.

There really is not an application that these machines cannot cope with. To find out how a Miele Little Giant can help your business call us on 01243 555525.