5 Things that instantly improve your on-premise laundry

An on-site laundry process has to be as efficient and as streamlined as possible, in order to help the business run to its full potential. There are a number of ways to make the operations smoother, and here are five which may just take your on-premise laundry on to another level.

Sort items before washing

Wheeled laundry carts can be used to help sort various items into their correct categories prior to washing. One cart can be for lights, one for darks, one for delicates and so on. The carts can also be used as a sorting station, making the process far easier and more streamlined for everyone involved.

The best appliance can help your efficiency

If your laundry room has a Miele Professional washing machine in place, it will ensure every wash is as efficient and as effective as possible. These state of the art appliances automatically weigh and dose the right amount of detergent, ensuring each wash only uses the required amount specific for each individual load. When you process large amounts of laundry the cost savings really add up.

Keep waste to a minimum

In the modern business world, maintaining high levels of energy efficiency is a must. A Miele Professional washing machine not only doses the correct amount of detergent, but these robust appliances also help to keep your water and energy consumption to a minimum, thanks to their accurate weighing systems.

Making the most of the space you have available

In many commercial laundry rooms, space is at a premium, but there is a solution. A stackable Miele Professional washing machine takes up no more than one square metre of floor space, leaving you plenty of room in which to work efficiently.

A regular de-clutter goes a long way

Once you’ve managed to create the perfect environment for efficient washing, it’s important that you remain on top of things in the coming weeks and months. A good quality laundry cabinet will help you to remain efficient, and you should be ready to throw away unwanted materials and used containers that only slow you down.

The five key issues for efficiency are:

  • Pre-sorting laundry items
  • Using a top of the range Miele professional washing machine
  • Keeping consumption of energy and water to a minimum
  • Saving as much space as possible
  • Taking care of housekeeping along the way

An efficient, perfectly maintained laundry process is now within your grasp.