5 benefits of industrial ironing machines

When running a business in the service industry, laundry is an important part of the service, care homes and hotels rely on laundry services to produce high standard cleaning and ironing of sheets for beds, tables and more. We’ve compiled a list of 5 benefits you get from using industrial ironing machines rather than outsourcing to an ironing service.

More cost effective

It is more cost effective in the long run to iron in-house rather than outsourcing, and this is something that needs to be taken into consideration when deciding on money saving tactics. In addition to being a lower cost option, it doesn’t lack in the high quality standards you would find in a professional laundry service.

Wide range lets you select the right one for your business

The range of industrial ironing machines we supply come in a variety of options for any size business and space. With the choice to buy a space-saving machine that has a close-to-wall installation option with return feeds, it completes ironing to the best standard, and ensures that you don’t lose out on vital space in your business.

Long-lasting because of the build quality

The materials that make up our industrial ironing machines are of the highest quality, determining that they do the best job, last a long time and make life easier for the user. Miele boast the renowned German build quality.

Safety is built-in

These ironers boast amazing safety features to prevent injuries, burning of clothes and a range of other problems, with the benefit of touch sensitive finger-guards to prevent people from burning themselves.

Easy to use

The easy to use controls make the industrial ironing machine easy to use for any sized team, and makes even the biggest and toughest jobs quick and achievable in a short space of time.

Allsop & Francis supply a large range of industrial ironing machines from the highest quality brands; Miele and Electrolux, that are suitable for any type and any size company.