Taking the plunge into wet cleaning

In recent times, there has been a sizable shift away from dry cleaning and over to wet cleaning, and it’s easy to see why. This change in outlook has not been lost on newcomers to the industry; entrepreneurs who have been looking to start garment cleaning businesses now have an opportunity to ‘go wet’, and to reap the benefits that such a strategy brings.

There are a number of major advantages to wet cleaning, including:

  • No need to use dangerous, harmful chemicals
  • Utilising environmentally friendly bio-detergents
  • Safer cleaning methods for delicate garments
  • More efficient cleaning of water-based stains
  • Less of an impact on the environment
  • Reducing costs for start-ups and existing businesses

Starting your business on the right footing

For new starters in the industry in particular, there is an opportunity to offer a more extensive cleaning service for customers, one that doesn’t exclude formerly difficult fabrics such as suede, lace, sheepskin and leather. While existing businesses will need to change their equipment to offer wet cleaning, start-ups can simply rent or buy the best appliances from the very beginning.

Recent newcomer Ben King from Maidstone chose the wet cleaning option for his new business, and the signs are that his customers are impressed by the results, even with the most difficult garments. Offering a service that brings high quality results is the key to all start-ups, as it encourages customer loyalty from the outset. Read his story here.

Choosing the right appliance for your wet cleaning needs

There are several top of the range Electrolux machines which offer perfect results and economical running costs. They include the excellent Lagoon W4105H, which features low water and energy consumption and a compact 11kg capacity. The Lagoon W4130H can handle 14kg loads, and its low noise levels make it ideal for any environment which needs to remain quiet.

For larger operations, the impressive Lagoon W4180H is a great choice, thanks to its 20kg capacity and its versatile control options. Our largest Electrolux model is the superb Lagoon W4240H, which can handle loads of up to 27kg with ease and has a conveniently large door for quick loading and unloading. As with all of these models, the efficiency and results are what you would expect from Electrolux.

Thinking of joining the wet cleaning revolution?

Given the fact that there are so many benefits to wet cleaning, it comes as no surprise to hear new starters taking this option. By choosing a less expensive but more effective cleaning method, they are already hitting the ground running. In the coming years, it’s likely that more experienced operations will be making the switch from dry to wet.